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Story Time

High School Tutoring

Maths, English, Science & HASS Tutoring for students years 7-10.  Maths and English Learning Support and intervention programs.

Start With a Free Assessment.


Finding a Concept Difficult?

Our bright tutors can help you achieve your very best with clear explanations and assistance for the harder concepts.


Fallen behind in Maths or English?

If you struggle with maths and English, this can flow on to other subjects.  Get back on track with our Learning Programs.

In need of some regular support?

Our tutors make a great companions throughout high school, and can be there for you all the way, helping you achieve your best.

Ascend can help, no matter what your goal is.

Ascend's team of high achievers is here to support you round the clock.  We can help you with a particularly tricky topic, or get you back on track with our intervention programs.

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Start With a Free Assessment.

Select the Student's Year Level.

Story Time

Our Mission:

To add meaningful value to the lives of our students, enabling them to achieve their very best.  We strive to 'build deep and well understood fundamental skills, always tutoring for, 'long term success'

Our Tutors:

  • Top achievers & Experienced 

  • Hand-picked, assessed and screened.

  • Regular training and auditing.

  • Young and relatable

Our Program:

  • Consists of high quality, curriculum mapped content

  • Tried and tested over many years

  • Multimodal Learning Experience

  • Tutoring all core subjects.

Our Outstanding Service:

  • Weekly progress reports and 247 chat room communication

  • Personalised home revision and reinforcement activities supplied to you regularly.

  • Easy to use online engagement platform which makes online lessons, communication and scheduling a breeze!

How does it Work?

A unique approach 

Step 1: Complete the Enrolment Form.

Complete the online enrolment form to give our experts some guidance to create an appropriate learning program for you.

Step 2: Complete the FREE Assessment.

All struggling students should complete our FREE Diagnostic Assessment.  This highlights exactly which areas you need to work on.

Step 3: Tuition Program is Made.

Using the information provided from the enrolment and your assessment, we will build you a custom program. 

Step 3: Begin Tutoring!

Once an appropriate program is made, you can meet (or e-meet) your tutor and begin lessons!


Online or In-Person Tutoring.

Connect with an expert from the comfort of your own home., or join us at our puprose built centre!


Programs Specific to You.

Not everyone learns the same, and we acknowledge that.  Our program is modular to fit your needs.


One-on-one or Group Tutoring.

Depending on your specific educational and personality traits, we can offer both mode of tuition.

New Project (4).png

Start With a Free Assessment.

Select the Student's Year Level.

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