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Ascend to Your Full Potential!

High Quality Tutoring, Mentoring & Learning Support.  Programs to service all year levels and core subjects with enriching tuition.

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Tutoring, Mentoring, Learning Support

Ascend Tuition Centre aims to inspire students to achieve their personal best.  We achieve this through genuine and ongoing guidance, engaging and relatable academic support and extension, and instilling confidence and courage in students.

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Academic Tutoring with Ascend!

Academic Tutoring for Maths, English, Science & HASS.  Years 1 - 12.

Quality Academic Support, Consolidation & Extension

Support to achieve your best by consolidating, extending and refining class content.

Expert mentoring and guidance to help keep yo on track, or get you back on track.

Refined resources, practices and models which make school easier!

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All Subjects, All Years, All Pathways, All Abilities

Tutoring in all core subjects, year 1 - 12.


Understanding the foundations of maths will allow your child to succeed now, and into the future.


Refine writing skills to assist in developing clear and cohesive written responses throughout high school.

Science & HASS

Obtain the marks and understanding needed to tackle science & humanities now, and throughout ATAR.

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Mentoring with Ascend Tuition!

Unlock Potential with Genuine, Relatable Mentoring.

Ascend Tuition Centre provides mentoring services to high school students that is relatable and genuine.  Our mentors are young, personable and vibrant, forming an instant connection with their students.  This is invaluable in a tuition environment, and something that simply doesn't happen between a student and their classroom teacher.

Using templated, refined and proven models of mentoring - we give students the tools and motivation to get back on track at school.

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The Ascend Difference - Why it Works!

Ascend Tuition Centre aims to inspire students to achieve their personal best.  We achieve this through genuine and ongoing guidance, engaging and relatable academic support and extension, and instilling confidence and courage in students.

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What People Think of Us.

Five star service for five star students!

"Great tutoring service.  Thank you for your professionalism and help for my son.  Highly recommend Ascend Tuition Centre."


Fiona, Parent.

"Very professional service.  Tutoring is made very relatable to the kids."


Brooke, Parent.

"Thank you for everything you have done for my son.  You have made a tremendous difference and we are forever grateful."


Jeremy, Parent.

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Ascend Your ATAR!

High Quality Tutoring and Guidance as Your Navigate ATAR in Western Australia

Maths Applications
Human Biology
Modern History
Maths Methods
Politics & Law
Maths Specialist
Earth Science
Religion & Life
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Ready to Kick Some Goals?

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Why Start Tutoring with Ascend?

What do we bring to the table?

Ascend Tuition's unique 'data informed' approach to tutoring allows us to target the specific areas of weakness a student has with ease.  Once we identify where a student has fallen behind, we utilize our tried and tested tuition methods to upskill students.

Offering both in-person and online tuition, our tutors are carefully selected and trained to provide the upmost quality service - in fact - we guarantee it!

Our tutors will provide you with regular reports on student progress, and adopt a proactive mindset to make tweaks and changes to the student's individual learning program.


Assess Skills Gaps.


Address Skills Gaps.


Assist Students to Apply New Skills.


Ascend to Your Full Potential!

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Ready to Kick Some Goals?

Online Tutoring with Ascend!

Access our Tutoring & Mentoring Service Anywhere

Online tutoring is a fantastic way to access our enriching tutoring services, mentoring services, and learning support services for both numeracy and literacy.

Whether you're too far from our centre to come to us, or simply prefer online tutoring, we can help you out.

Online tutoring is a fantastic mode of tutoring, due to the mitigation of distractions and the ability for flexibility, and to feel comfortable in your own space.  Because students focus on the learning platform solely, they are ultimately engaged and focussed.

Learn More!

Ongoing Tutor Training & Development.

Our tutors are not only hand-picked, high achievers, but are regularly upskilled and audited to ensure that the best service is provided to you - every time!


Weekly Progress Reports & a 24/7 Chat Room.

Our service spans further than the tutoring session alone.  Our tutors will provide you with weekly reports on progress and recommended home study activities.  Along side this, all students have access to a chat room, where they can touch base with their tutor anytime.

A Proven Methodology, Ensuing Success.

Servicing hundreds of students, positive results are massively prevalent in our whole student body.  We are proud of what our students have achieved!

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Ready to Kick Some Goals?

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