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Our bubbly team is excited to meet you, too!

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Who's On Our Team?

Ascend Tuition Centre is proud to have built a network of "high achievers and friendly faces".  In a sense, our tutors are role models for our students, having achieved highly in their studies and holding a wealth of experience.  Our team is young, passionate and obsessed with your success - and this is so evident in the bonds that are created between our students and tutors. 

Charles Winteringham Tutor

Meet Charles!

Charles, a university student currently studying economics, supports students to achieve their very best in English, HASS and Mathematics.

Charles achieved high in school and is a model student.  His students certainly look up to him as a quality role model.

Harry Dunleavy Tutor

Meet Harry!

Harry achieved some amazing results in English during is ATAR career.  Harry is so valuable to students seeking to improve their English results, as his genuine advice, tips and tricks actually work for struggling students!

Meet Ben!

Ben is a brain, that's for sure.  Helping students in maths and science, it's fair to say his easy-going approach resonates with the student of today.

Ben is a 'master mentor', passing down advice, tips and tricks to help enable and inspire students to achieve the results they desire.

Ben Merlo Tutor
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