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What is Learning Support? Why can it offer so much more value than traditional tutoring?

What is a Learning Support Program?

A Learning Support Program, or LSP, is a program, which supports your learning. I’m pulling your leg; I wouldn’t give you such a shocking definition!

LSPs focus on upskilling students in key skills which will enable students to do well. Generally disconnected from current classwork, a LSP aims to overhaul a student’s skills and provide them with skills that can ensure long-term success.

Tailored to your student’s current skill level, and upskilling needs, LSPs utilize staged worksheets. This allows us to start a student at their current skill level and continue until the student is working at the level they should be (known as their year level). Naturally, this saves you and your family time, and money, but more importantly, gives you the results you are after!

What differentiates a Learning Support Program from Traditional Tutoring?

In traditional tutoring, it’s not uncommon for students to be asked to “get their homework out”. The tutor and the student will proceed to work on this for an hour. In some cases, the tutor may check-in with the classwork that’s being done and re-affirm key concepts. While this approach works for some and is in fact a super valuable approach for students on pathways such as ATAR, there’s only so much value that a struggling student will gain from homework/classwork support.

Think about it like a car. You could drive the car around. Fix it when it breaks, and only when it breaks. Drive it some more. Fix it again. Eventually, the car’s going to give up and will be unfixable – a write-off. Now in the second case, the car was driven, serviced regularly, had preventative maintenance done, and kept a solid routine from day one. The car's going to go for a long time.

This transfers to a student’s learning, whereby if you do the pre-work, the important stuff, and do it right, your car (your student) will thrive for years to come.

What does Ascend Bring to the Table?

Ascend Tuition Centre offers both General Tuition and Learning Support Programs to students all over – both online and in person. Our unique staged approach gives your student the dedicated support they deserve. With templated programs for things like paragraph writing, literacy, basic numeracy and maths fundamentals (among many more), we can ensure consistency in results. Among these, we will build you a Learning Support Program in line with the skills you are missing!

Remember, these aren’t courses. We will take what we need, chop, change and develop a plan for YOU.

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