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How to Find the BEST tutor for You.

You’re at home, on the couch, after a hard day at work. To add to this, you’ve just finished a heated discussion with your child about their recent 28% result on their maths test. A bad day to say the least.

So, what do you do? You jump on google and search in, “best maths tutors near me”.

Maybe this sounds familiar.

But hang on a minute. The internet’s a big place, with lots of people claiming they're best at anything they want to be the best at. Cause let’s be real, who’s going to hire a tutor who writes in their bio, “I’m not the best tutor going around”.

When my child’s struggling, I want the best. Not the best. The actual best.

Here’s some tips to help you filter out the want to be, “best tutors near me”.

1 – Google Reviews & Recommendations

Fortunately, all the false claims made by people on the internet are quickly shut down by google reviewers – the shepherds of the internet. If you’ve got your eye on an agency or private tutor, give the name a search in google. Usually, you’ll see a box pop up to the side or below with pictures and details about the tutor/business. Search for the star rating and click on it. You’ll be able to see what others think about the tutor without even asking anyone. How convenient. If you like what you see, call them! Interview them. Leave no questions unanswered!

2 – Fees

Another great way to find a tutor is to look at how much they cost. Now, this goes beyond just looking at who’s the best value for money. There’s a lot you can infer about a tutor from their charge.

If a tutor is charging very low rates (typically $20-$40), then chances are the tutors not getting booked up, or, they have a high student turn over rate. As you’d expect, this may suggest that they aren’t providing the best services for you. If you want to get technical, this is a simple example of supply and demand. I won’t go any further than that, maybe in another post 😊.

If a tutor is charging moderate rates (Typically $40-$65), you’re probably on the money! This means that they’re retaining students, seeing great results, and, must be good at what they do! Often these tutors will be university students or recent graduates, so, they relate to your and know the content well! Student's of younger tutors actually enjoy tutoring!

Tutor’s that are charging extravagant rates ($70, sometimes into the 100’s) are no doubt good at tutoring. I mean, usually, these tutors will be qualified teachers. At this rate, however, it’s likely that the tutor is exclusive, meaning, they’ll choose who they want to work with and when. Hiring a qualified teacher as your tutor can be a good idea, but you loose the relatability factor, and often, students will dread tutoring.

Finding tutors in the moderate range means you get the best of both worlds. You get a great tutor who’s good at what they do, your child enjoys and values tutoring, not to mention value for money!

3 – Are they backed by an organization

The best of the best usually works with organizations and agencies. You can be confident that agencies will provide the best services, as unlike private tutors, they have refined tutoring methods and processes.

And not all agencies charge a bomb – check out our services!

So, make sure you make the right hire with these methods. After all, the right tutor will prevent those heated discussions and those 28 percenters.

Want to get in touch with a tutor that ticks all these boxes - check us out!

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